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Heritages and Museums

The Cathedral of Córdoba is the central church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Córdoba, Argentina, and the oldest church in continuous service in Argentina. Address: Independencia 80, 76, 72, 64, Centro, X5000IUB Córdoba, Argentina. Phone: +54 351 422-3446

The Evita Fine Arts Museum is an art museum in Córdoba, Argentina. Address: 5000, Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen 511, X5004AHD Córdoba, Argentina. Phone: +54 351 434-3636

The Emilio Caraffa Provincial Fine Arts Museum is an art museum in Córdoba, Argentina. Address: Av. Hipólito Irigoyen 651 – Plaza España, 5000 Córdoba, Argentina. Phone: +54 351 433-3412.

The Museum of Fine Arts of Córdoba is a museum founded in 1844 in Córdoba (Spain). It is located in Plaza del Potro, in the building of the former Hospital of the Charity, that also the seat of the Museum Julio Romero de Torres. Address: Plaza del Potro, 1, 14002 Córdoba, Spain. Phone:+34 957 10 36 59

Description of the architects. A contemporary monument: a landscape for the public event. The challenge was to incorporate a new program such as the Province Historical Archive and an Auditorium without altering the essence of the project. Address: Av. Poeta Lugones 401, X5000HZE Córdoba, Argentina. Phone: +54 351 434-3518

The Jesuit Crypt is the buried ruin of what was once the Jesuit Novitiate in the city of Cordoba (Argentina) . In 1928 , the vaults of this old building appeared on the surface of the sidewalk during the widening works on Avenida Colon Address: Calle Rivera Indarte and Avenida Colon, Cordoba, Argentina. Phone Number: +54 351 434-1228

Manzana Jesuitica( Argentina ), is an urban block located in the center of the city, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2000 . 1 includes: the Domestic Chapel, the National College of Monserrat , the Church of the Company of Jesus , the former headquarters of the National University of Cordoba and the Residence. Address: Camino a Obispo Trejo 242, Cordoba X5012LLA, Argentina. Phone Number: +54 351 433-2075

Museum of Natural Sciences Arturo Illia, is a museum located in Sarmiento Park in the city of Córdoba , Argentina . It takes its name in honor to the ex- Argentine president, Arturo Illia. Address: Av. Poeta Lugones 395, X5000HZD Córdoba, Argentina. Phone: +54 351 434-4070